Bali makeup artist with airbrush

Airbrush makeup Bali

Are you looking for a Bali makeup artist with airbrush ? Look no further. In our quest to always provide clients the best possible services our team of Bali makeup artists has just completed a comprehensive training course for applying makeup cosmetics with the use of an airbrush. We have sourced the best equipment and cosmetics for this purpose. And after countless trials with models we are finally ready to offer airbrush wedding makeup services in Bali to our clients. We are extremely pleased with the results airbrush makeup provides. It allows for smoother application of cosmetics. And the result is more refined and sophisticated look. We also found out that makeup applied with an airbrush lasts longer in Bali’s humid conditions. The only slight downside is that it takes a bit longer for the makeup to be applied. But that can easily be overcome by scheduling your makeup session a bit earlier. Ad about 30 minutes more for a session than for conventional makeup.

We look forward to serving many brides and provide you with a stunning and radiant appearance on your wedding day in Bali. So we are your ideal choice for a Bali makeup artist with airbrush .

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  1. Joanne Decosta

    I’m getting married in August 2017. Can you please have a quote on my makeup. Can I have a trial before my wedding day.

    Joanne Decosta


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