Our Team

Unlike other makeup companies in Bali who have one Senior stylist and several assistants or apprentices we have a team of several highly skilled and very experienced make up artists and hair stylists. That ensures that on your big day you will always be in the hand of a true expert and not at the mercy of an apprentice substituting for her unavailable boss. All our team members are locals and speak English well. In the following we would like to introduce you to our team. Please note that besides the team members profiled here we also have other stylists who usually assist our senior members on weddings gigs.

Tia is our boss. Although she does not do neither make up nor hair styling for our clients she has been working as a stylist in younger years and has been involved in the wedding industry in Bali for many years. She also worked for an established commercial photographer in Bali where she was in charge of styling the settings and directing the models. That further sharpened her senses for beauty and styling issues such as make up and hair. She is very selective when it comes to recruiting only the finest talents available in Bali.

She handles all the client relations and the involved logistics. Tia frequently travels and sources our cosmetics and equipment from international markets to ensure that all adheres to top standards. Tia is a very resourceful and well respected person and has often helped many of our clients with matters that go beyond makeup & hair styling. Feel free to seek her counsel !

Tia is married and has three children.

Wa Yan, or Yan as she is commonly known, stems from Bali and has been involved in make up and hair styling from an early age on. Already in her childhood she accompanied her mother, who was one of Bali’s most sought after stylists for traditional Balinese weddings. She helped her mother on many gigs and thereby got a thorough understanding of the world of beauty. After finishing her formal education she became an apprentice for a Western make up artist / hair stylist in Bali. There she continued working for over 9 years and soon did make up & hair in Bali for brides from all over the world. In those years she did several hundred Bali wedding gigs, mainly for Western brides and got a thorough understanding of their preferences and styles for make up & hair.

In 2010 she joined our company and her skills and artistry have been well received by our clients.

Yan is married and has one son.

Wa Yan
Ko Mang

Ko Mang took up the profession of a hair stylist after finishing her education. But she was never satisfied with doing hair only because for her a beautiful hairstyle needs to be combined with outstanding make up. Therefore she left her job and ventured out to complement her skills by learning the art of make up. She worked as a freelance makeup artist for several bridal companies in Bali before joining our company. In over six years she has been working on many high profile weddings in Bali and has honed her skills to perfection. Mang is a ‘magician’ when it comes to hair – she has the natural talent of shaping hair in such a way that it accentuates the facial features of women of all complexions. From extreme alterations to subtle enhancements she has always received raving reviews from clients.

Rita is Balinese and has been doing makeup & hair for over 6 years. In her teenager years she developed a keen interest in drawing which eventually lead her to becoming a make-up artist. She sees a face as a canvas which through the careful application of cosmetics and colors can turn into a beautify artwork. Before joining Bali Makeup & Hair she has been working in several beauty salons catering for international weddings in Bali. During her career she has styled a well balanced mix of Asian and Western brides. She is very much in demand by our Asian clientele who seek more dramatic make-overs but she also excels with Western brides who favor a more natural look. Rita is married and has one child.